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Stressed mother working attending a phone call and taking care of her baby at office

Mom Bosses: How to Share Your Business Without Driving Your Friends Crazy

  Twenty years and three different businesses with very different product lines and sales strategies have taught me more than I’d care to admit about network marketing. It can be very lucrative. It requires time, courage, and persistence. And most importantly, it’s all about relationships. Fellow mom bosses, here’s what your friends wish you knew […]

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Surviving the M-F Working Mom Game Like a Boss

One year ago, I was a naively pregnant, working woman. I have the type of personality that is pretty “Type A” about most things, super-efficient when it comes to getting work and personal items done, and not very empathetic when it comes to understanding people who are not like minded (a huge character flaw, I […]

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Daycare is Raising My Kids

Well…not daycare. My children don’t go to “daycare.” They go to an early childhood enrichment center. I usually just say child care, or school. I’ve heard several people make the comment about not sending their children somewhere during the day because they don’t “want someone else raising their kid.” It’s great how some families can really make […]

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5 Fast and Healthy Meal Ideas for Busy Families

Schools are back in session! And back-to-school means BUSY. Getting up early, after-school sports, clubs, activities…even just the daily hustle and bustle…it all takes up time and may require a chauffeur for kids under the age of 16. Getting a meal on the table can appear to be a difficult, oftentimes impossible task amid the […]

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Not a SAHM: A Maternity Leave Story

This summer, I gave birth to my second child beginning a summer that lined up with maternity leave! Now by “maternity leave” I don’t actually mean someone paid me to stay home and heal from birth and bond with my child (like in most countries in the world). I actually didn’t even qualify for FMLA […]

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Hi, I’m A Mom – and a Pizza Delivery Gal

As my kids were getting older and the fog cleared from my diaper changing days, I realized the possibility of me heading back to the workforce wasn’t sure a far-fetched idea anymore. I found myself excited about the concept and then suddenly on the verge of tears to be wishing away my baby bearing/wearing days. […]

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3 Confessions of a Working Twin Mom

When I returned to work after spending 3 months with my newborn twins 24/7, I had mixed emotions.  I was nervous and stressed about having to leave my babies with a stranger (who is now anything but, and thank goodness for her!), all while trying to get back into the swing of working and having […]

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Finding Balance

  Finding balance? There is always so much talk of whether stay at home moms or working moms have it easier, better, or whatever. Having been both, my opinion is that being a mom can be challenging no matter what. After lots of thinking about this topic, I am not trying to decide if I […]

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What Now? [ I Quit My Job ]

No one I talked to blamed me or questioned what I was doing. When I told them that I was quitting teaching they all just nodded or said they understood. A few told me, “If I was 10 years younger”. I had been working with children for over 10 years. 6 of those years were […]

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