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Favorite Fall Movies + TV (4)

5 Healthy Habits I am Continuing this Year

I have never been a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions because as you know, by February, most of them are long forgotten! I am however always up for a new healthy habit, a challenge, or learning something new. I am a big fan of paying close attention to things that spark your interest. Those things […]

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Favorite Fall Movies + TV (34)

Make Those Resolutions Stick

I am a bit conflicted about New Year’s resolutions. On one hand, they’re usually made with good intentions and at time of year when the wind-down of the holidays makes me feel ready for some positive change. On the other hand, setting myself up to not be successful with a goal can have the opposite […]

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Let’s All Be the Supportive Friend

The Story That Inspired My Thoughts I recently read a blog entry from a woman sharing her own breast cancer survival story which included her friends’ responses to her journey to recovery. Although super supportive throughout her mastectomy surgery, chemotherapy and other treatments, one friend had a surprising response to her plans for plastic surgery/ […]

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The Mystery of PCOS

I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) at the age of 14.  At what was probably my very first visit to the gynecologist, she asked me the dreaded question: “When was your last menstrual period?”  This was an awkward question to answer, because to my confusion, I was not getting my period every month […]

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The Trouble With IUD’s: When Motherhood Wasn’t the Plan

Family Planning (or unplanned…) I was 21, my boyfriend was 19 and we had just moved in together. We weren’t planning on having any children, maybe not ever. We’d done a little research into long-term birth control and my doctor had strongly recommended the Skyla IUD. The statistics look great, (over 99% effective!) So I […]

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