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hiring a sleep coach

I Hired A Sleep Coach

A while back I wrote a post about enjoying night time wakings and feedings with my newborn (here). Looking back I truly feel that I soaked up as much late night, swaddled baby burrito cuddles as I could. Fast forward 21 months later – I’m done. Like stick a fork in me done. Since birth, […]

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Toddler Air Travel Tips

Here’s a hard truth: traveling with a toddler sucks. I know because I’ve done it a bunch. My son is 20 months old and has been on at least 10 flights. My family lives in NC, so we travel there and back several times a year. I usually do this solo (just me and my […]

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I Unfairly Judged Another Mom Today

There are so many great posts out there about experiences moms face when being judged by strangers when out in public with their kids.  We are constantly judged when our baby is screaming on the plane or our 3-year-old is having a meltdown in the grocery store.  Moms are almost always the ones that are […]

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Co-Sleeping Saved my Sanity

Initially, we didn’t want to co-sleep I was very opposed to co-sleeping with my baby. Our bed was ours. We got a crib and a bassinet and it was very important for us to have our own separate spaces. Turns out I was wrong.  Benefits of co-sleeping (for my family) Warmth: Like most low-income families, […]

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5 Reasons I’m Jealous of my Son

5 Reasons I’m Jealous of my Son… 1. The Tooth Fairy: Kids lose teeth for free and then get money for them. I pay thousands of dollars to have teeth removed, and don’t hear boo from that stupid fairy. 2. All You Can Eat Buffet: Children live like they are constantly on a cruise. The […]

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The Hurdle Between Infancy and Toddlerhood

I hear so much about the terrible twos and about how hard life is after bringing home a newborn, but there’s a stage hidden in between there that I don’t hear too much about – and it surprises me. I’m not sure what the doctors call this age specifically but it starts, for me, pretty […]

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