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I Wanted a Girl, and That’s Ok.

We didn't have a boy name or even a cute fetal nickname. From the beginning, I referred to my lower abdomen as Louise. "Say hello to Baby Lou", I would tell my daughter. We would talk about the baby sister she would be meeting soon and in my head, I built up a fantasy of [...]
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BLOOM Flagstaff

BLOOM 2018 is a National Event hosted around the US in over 50 Cities. Flagstaff Moms Blog is proud to bring BLOOM to the New and Expecting Mothers of Northen Arizona.

If you are currently pregnant, looking to grow your family through adoption or foster care, or have a child 18 months and under – this event is for you! BLOOM is an opportunity to celebrate new moms, even if you’re a second or third-time mom! 

BLOOM Will Include:
+ Sweet Snacks and Sips from Oakmont Flagstaff
+ Giveaways Galore!
+ SWAG Bags for Every Attendee
+ Chair Massages from Unlocked Massage LLC
+ Photography Portraits by leslie O photo
+ And More!

Stay tuned as we add more partners and brands to BLOOM. 

Tickets on sale soon. 

*Babies in Wraps, Slings or Carriers are welcome to attend.

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New Year – New Family Member?

A Tale of IUI Process After getting married the next best thing is to welcome a new bundle of joy, right? But did they tell you how “easy” it is? Probably not! Especially when you try for years to prevent the unexpected pregnancy or see your friends the same age getting pregnant right away.  Who […]

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Pregnancy Isolation and Boredom

Hey all! Happy New Year! Hope you all are meeting and exceeding this years’ goals already. One of mine is to get out of this funk. Baby boy is due in April and while I am so thrilled beyond belief to have a healthy BIG boy growing and growing, I am also in a slump. […]

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A Letter to All the Pregnant Ladies

Let me just start by saying that I know pregnancy can be extremely difficult for some women and much easier for others but regardless of how your pregnancy is going, I hope this helps a bit.   Normally, when a pregnant woman is asked how they are doing during, they usually comment on their appearance […]

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Pregnant? Ditch the 12 Week Wait.

When I became pregnant with Suzanne, my husband asked me when we could tell people. “Whenever we want”, I said. “No, I mean, when is it safe to tell people.” Safe. He meant because 80% of miscarriages happen in the first trimester.  I would like to break down two things from this statistic. That does […]

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