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Saying Thank You to Children

My child sometimes says please and thank you. If he really wants something, he yells, “Peeeaaaassss.” I call that progress. I try to always say please and thank you if we are out to eat or checking out a book from the library. I’m modeling the behavior for him. But how often do I thank […]

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Grandmother Doesn’t Always Know Best: Respecting Parenting Choices

Until 1994, parents were encouraged to put their child to sleep on their stomachs. Our foremothers likely gave birth under Twilight Sleep. Growing up, TV was an accessible babysitter. Spanking is still hotly debated today.   Sometimes it can teeter on mommy-shaming the ways I’ve heard, “well, when I had kids” or, “we didn’t do it that […]

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We Couldn’t Afford to Pay for College. And it’s not the end of the world.

I remember thinking when our babies were born that college seemed far off. People told us we should start saving right away, especially after we had five babies in about six years. But there was always something else–paying for graduate school, buying our first home, braces, summer camp, the list goes on. And then, one […]

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