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How's breastfeeding going?

I Did the Math. Breastfeeding IS a Second Full-time Job.

I recently saw a meme online that read, “Breastfeeding for one year is approximately 1800 hours. A full-time job with 3 weeks of vacation is 1,960 hours.  Just a fun fact.”  Since my pump measures the number of hours that it has been used, I decided to run my own numbers.  I was especially curious […]

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How's breastfeeding going?

Breast[milk]feeding is the Hardest thing I’ve Ever Done

My breastfeeding journey started out ahead of the curve.  My husband and I met with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) one-on-one weeks before giving birth.  We took a prenatal breastfeeding class, practiced feeding holds, learned about latches, and registered for breastfeeding supplies.  I even took a class about pumping for going back to […]

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What is a Lactation Consultant

This post created is in partnership with Flagstaff Birth and Women’s Center.  Today we are proud to introduce you to Maya Radoccia-Kennen, BSW, IBCLC I have developed a strong understanding of successful breastfeeding through a combination of professional development and personal experience. My clinical experience first began as a social worker for at-risk new families in […]

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Co-Sleeping Saved my Sanity

Initially, we didn’t want to co-sleep I was very opposed to co-sleeping with my baby. Our bed was ours. We got a crib and a bassinet and it was very important for us to have our own separate spaces. Turns out I was wrong.  Benefits of co-sleeping (for my family) Warmth: Like most low-income families, […]

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I am Not Weaning my Two-year-old Yet and that is Fine

I am not weaning my toddler anytime soon My daughter turned two in late December and still asks for “boobs, please” often. And I am not planning on weaning her anytime soon. There are a lot of detrimental misconceptions about extended breastfeeding: tooth decay, spoiled children, biting. I’ve even seen people on the internet saying […]

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Breastfeeding: Fed is Mandatory, Breast is Best

I had no idea breastfeeding was painful… Mothering is extremely difficult and we are quiet about some of the most challenging aspects of it. Before my daughter’s first latch, I didn’t know that breastfeeding was painful. It took me months to learn that there were different ways to hold her while I nursed her. I […]

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hated breastfeeding

I Hated Breastfeeding and it’s OK if You Did Too

I’ve had this conversation a few times lately.  It starts with downcast eyes and is in hushed tones.  Sometimes it ends with hot tears and feelings of shame, sometimes it ends with a slow trickle of exhausted crying that comes with being a sleep-deprived new mom, but most recently multiple conversations have ended with a […]

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pumping for twins

Pumping: A Different Way of Breastfeeding

When I found out I was pregnant, I had a list of expectations that I had set for myself when I became a mother.  Breastfeeding was at the top of that list.  The benefits of breastfeeding are astounding – from the bonding that occurs between mom and baby to the undeniable health benefits of breast […]

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How I Began to Actually Enjoy Night Feedings

Yes, you read that right, I actually enjoy night feedings. But this was not always the case. With my first child, it was all so new and overwhelming. I slept on the couch after my daughter was born so that my husband could get a good nights sleep before going to work each day while […]

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