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How to Give Yourself a Wonderful Mother’s Day

If you’re like me, sometimes it feels as though everyone else’s needs in the family come first. It’s the reality of parenthood. Obviously, children need us to attend to their wants, needs, and to keep them alive and thriving. In this way, motherhood can leave us feeling both rewarded and wearied at the same time. […]

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Theatre Makes Me a Better Mom

I love musical theatre. Mostly being a part of community musical theatre. I love the challenge of learning new music, harmonies, and choreography. I like working with a familiar community and meeting new people who have very similar passions as I do. It was hard and exhausting before I had kids; coming home from work, […]

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Young Mom

I was in line at a local, upscale grocery store buying prenatal vitamins when the cashier complimented my neon pink nails. She said not everyone could pull them off. I explained that I had them done as a way to celebrate that I’m expecting a daughter.  Is this lame and gender-stereotypical? I guess, but I […]

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Have You Heard About The Enneagram?

Have you heard about the Enneagram? Simply put, the Enneagram is a system of nine interconnected personality types. They are graphically represented as lines and triangles that intersect in a star-like figure inside a circle.   The Enneagram is used in many business conferences, seminars, and team-building exercises in order to obtain knowledge of interpersonal […]

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Surviving the M-F Working Mom Game Like a Boss

One year ago, I was a naively pregnant, working woman. I have the type of personality that is pretty “Type A” about most things, super-efficient when it comes to getting work and personal items done, and not very empathetic when it comes to understanding people who are not like minded (a huge character flaw, I […]

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Free Range Parenting

Free-Range Parenting, It’s a Lifestyle

When it comes to parenting, I’m pretty middle of the road in terms of my style and approach. But one pretty big aspect of all this is employing free-range parenting. For anyone who doesn’t know what this means, here’s Wikipedia’s definition: “The concept of raising children in the spirit of encouraging them to function independently […]

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Favorite Fall Movies + TV (37)

30 Days Facebook Free

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t exactly 30 days Facebook free. What initially transpired was that I was trying to stop using my time looking at social media so much and start trying to do more productive things, especially with the holidays coming up. I knew that one culprit of my time wasting was my phone and […]

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Favorite Fall Movies + TV (32)

Cell Phones: Tool or Hobby?

By now, you are probably well aware that the recommendations for screen time. If you need the reminder, children under 18 months should be limited to video chat and children under 5 should be limited to one hour of media. This is all according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.  I bring all this up […]

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