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Surviving Baseball Season in Flag, 2.0

Spring in Flagstaff. Honestly my least favorite season in our small mountain town, with its strong winds, 40+ degree temperature swings and the real possibility of snow. Coincidentally, spring is also when hundreds of families send their beloved children age 4-12 outside for baseball and softball.  This Little League Mom learned my very first year […]

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How to do a Pro Sporting Event with Kids

Some people might think we’re nuts bringing a squirmy toddler to a professional sporting event, but watching hockey is something that my husband and I enjoy doing together — and we think our daughter enjoys it, too. We took Tilly to her first Arizona Coyotes hockey game a couple months shy of her second birthday. […]

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Surviving Baseball Season in Flagstaff

Five years ago this April, I eagerly ushered my then 4-year-old onto a soft green field for his first year of T-ball. I donned a tank top, baseball cap, and flip-flops, and prepared to enjoy a blissful baseball season – soaking up the sun after a long winter while my son played his heart out […]

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