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5 SIMPLE Sensory Activities for October

SENSORY PLAY is a bit of a buzz word these days. Some of you might be familiar with it and already do it and others might wonder what it actually is and why we do it. Let me break it down simply. The definition of Sensory play is ANY activity that stimulates a child’s senses: touch, […]

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Favorite Fall Movies + TV (9)

Fall Fun: Crafts to Keep or Gift

I know many of us Flagstaffians live far away from our parents and extended family. I love to send my mother, grandmother, and in-laws crafts from Jett. My grandmother actually frames crafts from all of her grandchildren (and great-grandchild)! It’s one way for them to stay connected, and for me to let them know that […]

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Favorite Fall Movies + TV (8)

We Changed our Mind about Halloween

  A few years ago, we had a change of heart regarding Halloween. As a family in church leadership, it had been our personal conviction that we steered clear of the holiday. So we turned off the lights, left the house for the night, and went bowling or something fun to distract the children from […]

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Favorite Fall Movies + TV (2)

Cultures are Not Costumes: How to Avoid cultural Appropriation this Halloween

Every Halloween season there is a fresh new controversy over what is or isn’t an appropriate costume. What is cultural appropriation? It’s complex and confusing, to say the least. Let’s start with a definition:  Wikipedia says that “Cultural appropriation is the adoption of elements of a minority culture by members of the dominant culture. Because of […]

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Favorite Fall Movies + TV

Movies & Shows to Fall for Again

I LOVE fall. I am that woman waiting all year to drink pumpkin spice, wear scarves, get out my boots, and take 1,000 pictures of my smush bear in the leaves. Here are my top pics for shows and movies to get you in the Fall mood. Want to know the best part? You can […]

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