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a toy for children mucus and liquid flowing on hand

Sanity Saving Slime Making Guide

Whether you shudder or smile at the word “slime,” there’s no denying it’s become a rite of passage for children and moms alike. I’ve been stuck in my own slime-making H-E-L-L-O (just remembered we’re not allowed to swear, and slime makes me swear), and have sincere empathy for any mom about to embark on the […]

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DIY Summer Project: Renovate a Play Kitchen

Two summers ago, our neighbors gifted us a play kitchen that their kids had outgrown. My daughter was still young, but we gladly accepted it and it stored books and other toys out of sight for another year. When my daughter turned two, her imaginary play increased and she started playing with the kitchen more […]

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What Mom Wants for Mother’s Day: FREE PRINTABLE

Ah…expectations. We all have them, but don’t often share them. Silent expectations create so many problems in our lives and especially related to big holidays like Mother’s Day. In fact, just last night “silent expectations” led to a fight with my own mom about Mother’s Day 2018.   Here’s the deal: We all have expectations about […]

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