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To My Newly Turned Teenage Boy

Well, I never thought I would see the day but here we are! You are my 1st born, the one that made me a mom and the one that changed my life for the better, just over 13 years ago. It has been an amazing ride so far and I can’t wait for the teenage years ahead. But here is the thing, I am scared and excited for the future, and there is no one I’d rather try this thing called teenage-hood than with you!

Sure your little bother may get it easier (or harder!) than you. We are trying things out and he may benefit from what we learn and the mistake we make. We may be easier on him since he is not the 1st teenager we are parenting. But as we always tell you you are the guinea pig and we love you for that!

While you may be a strong willed young man, I know you will forgive me for my mistakes as I will forgive you for for yours. And I hope we make a lot of small mistakes along the way! This way we can both learn the hard way from our small mistakes, while you are still living with us.

My goals (as of now!) for these last few years that you are under our roof are simple and totally overwhelming at the same time:

  1. To be fully present for you. I want you to know that I love you no matter what, even when we are ‘discussing’ how much time you want to be looking at a screen. I want you to know that I am your biggest fan and I will always do my very best for you.
  2. To teach you that you can handle this thing called life! We will teach you what we can about finances and staying healthy. We will teach you how to be kind to all people, ways to make the world a better place and to question authority (respectfully!) when needed. We want you to pay attention to what gets you excited, to learn to deal with your emotions (which will get more intense as a teen!) and how to find your place in the world. And basically all we can about surviving and thriving in this world! You may not want to hear it all from us but it is our responsibility to try. We know that you learn best by example and not by lecture, so we always try to live our best lives for us and for you.

You are capable and motived and will do amazing things! Let’s do this!

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