Passionate About the Community
and the Moms Who Live Here

Spanish Rice {in the INSTANT POT}

How many of you have tried to make Spanish rice on the stove top? Unfortunately, for me even after being taught by a Mexican woman, a family friend, how to make it on the stove I could NEVER get it cook.  It was ALWAYS still crunchy! So, when my mom bought me my favorite kitchen […]

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Owning Up For My Family’s Mistakes [ Columbus Day ]

This year as I filled out my daughter’s back to school paperwork I came across two questions. Holidays we celebrate and holidays we don’t. Being American Catholics we celebrate most typical holidays, Christmas, Easter, Halloween. But I paused at holidays we don’t celebrate and wrote down Columbus Day. I would hope that at this point, […]

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Shop for the Cure: Recap, Photos + Thank You!

We partnered with Dillard's Flagstaff to 'Shop for the Cure' and had a wonderful evening!  We enjoyed an evening full of fun for a great cause. Dillard's Flagstaff hosted their 'Fit for the Cure' where Warcol Bras donated $2 for every woman who received a custom bra fitting on October 3rd. Our experience in the fitting rooms was fantastic! [...]
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I want a 1950s Friendship

I Want a 1950s Friendship

 I did it. I decided to stop using Facebook for in-town friendships.  If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably a lot like me. We meet people and one of you says, “Oh, are you on Facebook? Let’s be friends.”  No. More. That ends for me now. And here’s why: I am disgusted by how much […]

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online mom groups

Breaking Up With Online Mom Groups

It’s nice to have a support system, but when that support system becomes nothing more than a toxic environment it’s time to cut your losses.  I belonged to several online parenting groups through social media. I won’t name names here, or go into specifics, but I subscribed to groups among others for: Religious Science-Minded Moms […]

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