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Podcasts for Moms Who Aren’t Just Moms

What do I mean by podcasts that are just for moms? Not only can these podcasts be for anyone, but you specifically will not find any podcasts on this list that are geared towards moms and mom issues.

These are for you and your non-mom time.

1. Lore

 I’m kind of obsessed with Lore right now. If you like spooky stories or historical folktales that are heavily researched without the element of trying to be scary this podcast is for you. Recently the host has also started a show that is available on Amazon video. I think it’s OK, but I love the podcast. 

2.  Freakonomics

Freakonomics is a long-running podcast hosted by two PhD authors in economics. The show has episodes like The Economics of Sleep and How Efficient is Energy Efficiency? This podcast is great if you like to know the secrets of every day things that you take for granted. 

3. Pop Culture Happy Hour

To be honest my husband is a really big fan of this podcast. Every week they have a roundtable discussion of different pop culture events that have happened. Things like new movies that came out, books they’re reading, music there listening to or events that are happening. At the end they talk about whats making them happy that week.

4. The Catholic Feminist

 I first fell in love with this podcast when the host discussed similarities between Jesus Christ and Harry Potter. She then continued with parallels between Saint Teresa and Wonder Woman. I was hooked. The Catholic Feminist is a great podcast if you love to discuss religion, feminine beauty and all real issues facing women.

5. This American Life

Every week This American Life takes a different theme and tells different stories surrounding real people. They choose the most random things and somehow I am always interested into whatever they’re talking about and the stories they share.

6. The Minimalist Podcast

I’m super into minimalism right now. Or I probably have always been into minimalism, because I hate junk but didn’t have the special millennial buzzword for it. I didn’t stay on to the minimalist podcast too long. But while I was listening to it they did impart some really great simple rules for how to minimize your material possessions.

What are some of your favorite non-mom Podcasts?

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