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Hi, I’m A Mom – and a Pizza Delivery Gal

As my kids were getting older and the fog cleared from my diaper changing days, I realized the possibility of me heading back to the workforce wasn’t sure a far-fetched idea anymore. I found myself excited about the concept and then suddenly on the verge of tears to be wishing away my baby bearing/wearing days.

Our financial situation could definitely benefit from a dual income and my social life could use a boost too. With my youngest only being two years old the desire to head back to work full time wasn’t something I was seeking. And with the limitations of pay, job opportunities, and childcare expenses, a part-time job just didn’t make sense.  

Until Pizza Delivery.

Yep, I played the role of a stay-at-home- mom/pizza delivery girl and I’m here to tell you it was pretty awesome. I would spend my days playing hide-and-seek with my girls and a few nights a week I drove around collecting that sweet tip money.

The pay was great, I never worked the weekends, and the job was easy. I almost couldn’t complain but the truth is, I had to do dishes and my car now smells like pizza.

Would you take a job like pizza delivery driver as a mom?

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