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Meet the Contributor: Brynne Daulton

Hi Flagstaff Mamas!

My name is Brynne Daulton and I have lived in Flagstaff for the past 22 years! I went to school here and met my amazing husband here.

Family: My husband Jim is a firefighter/paramedic and full time student at NAU. We met working at a local restaurant and have been together ever since and married 12 years. We have 3 awesome kids Ember 8, future dolphin trainer and lover of music, Sawyer 5, climbing, taekwondo kicking, active boy and our baby girl Eliza, 2, she is spicy and sneaky and will not be overshadowed by her older siblings.

Early bird or Night Owl: Night owl for sure! I love to sleep in and take naps but night is my time! Maybe I am nocturnal?

Coffee or Tea: I LOVE coffee but I’m kind of a coffee poser because all I drink is decaf!

Favorite/Least Favorite household chore: My favorite would be vacuuming I love to see the lines appear in the carpet. Least favorite would be cleaning out the refrigerator, I don’t eat leftovers so why should I have to throw them away?!

Best Mom Hack: If you pull the tabs on the edge of a juice box before you hand it to your kids and they hold it by that you will avoid them squeezing it all over themselves!

Favorite thing about being a Mom: What a hard question to narrow down. My favorite time of the day is after the kids have fallen asleep and I go in their room to make sure they are breathing, yes I know there is very little risk of SIDS in an 8 year old, and seeing their angelic faces and growing bodies and knowing they are all mine! My favorite thing to watch them do is to learn to talk and to read, how do they go from floating inside of us to reading so dang quickly? What I look forward to the most is seeing them explore who they want to be and watch them build their lives!

Favorite thing to do with my kids in Flagstaff: We love to get outside! Hiking, camping or even just driving down a dirt road finding a spot and having a picnic. We also love to spend time with friends. Flagstaff has the most amazing melting pot of people from all over and the amazing friends we have made make Flagstaff home to us!

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