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Mom of the Month :: Spotlight on Local Mothers

The main goal of Flagstaff Moms Blog is to connect moms and to build a community founded on the idea that we are not alone. Though we may differ in backgrounds, experiences, and parenting styles, we all share the common thread of motherhood and are truly in this together

In an effort to support our mission of connecting and encouraging moms we are thrilled to bring your our Mom of the Month Series.

Mom of the Month

Whether she is a stay at home mom, work from home mom or working mom, her “job” involves so much more than the title implies. She’s the family nurse and the keeper of the calendar. She’s the meal planner and the chef. She’s the chauffeur, the referee, the laundromat, the travel agent. She’s the soccer mom and the dance mom. She is the glue that holds the family together. She does all that, and more, without a second thought because she does it out of love for her family. And for that, she deserves to be recognized. 

What is Mom of the Month?

We are now accepting submissions for the “Mom of the Month” Series. We are looking for local moms that stand out from the crowd. Ask yourself:

  • Does she make a difference in the lives of her or others’ children?
  • Does she set an example and offer encouragement for other moms around her?
  • Does she play a vital part in the Flagstaff community?
  • Does she do an outstanding job in her role as a mom, as well as her place of employment?

It might be your own mom, your neighbor, your grandmother, your best friend, or your child’s teacher. We want to hear about the moms that inspire you! Nominations will be accepted from husbands, fathers, grandmas, grandpas, friends … and even kids themselves.

The Details

We are going to select moms from our community to showcase on the blog and our social media. 

You can either apply yourself OR nominate a friend. The application form is at the bottom of this post!

How to Nominate Someone for Mom of the Month: 

  • Complete the form below to nominate YOUR Mom of the Year!
  • The Flagstaff Moms Blog team will determine the moms selected. 
  • Selected Moms will be contacted and announced on the blog. 

Below is the application.  


  • If you nominate a friend please fill in the below information about your friend and not yourself.
  • Everyone who submits an application will be subscribed to our email list (if they have not been already).
  • General Area (West Side, East Side, Kachina Village)
  • How many children? How old? Anything you want us to know!