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Meet Our Contributors

Meet the Flagstaff Moms Blog Contributor Team

We are thrilled to introduce you to our Contributors. Our Open Call for writers is closed, but if you are interested in submitting a Guest Post, please click here! 

Amanda Wiesner

Amanda Wiesner

Originally an Arizona desert rat, Amanda Wiesner has been setting her roots down in Flagstaff since deciding to get her degree in Interior Design at NAU.  Life came quickly at her as she married her college sweetheart, graduated, bought a home, had baby #1, and then quickly baby #2, in a matter of 3 years. She and her husband also have taken on the responsibility of being landlords.  Amanda enjoys the challenges and rewards of being a stay-at-home mom to her two daughters, Carly (4) and Morgan (2).  When she’s not busy hosting princess tea parties, she enjoys renovating her home, crafting, thrift shopping, and relishing in the great outdoors of Flagstaff.

Amanda Filippi


Being a Midwest Nebraska girl at heart, my husband and I planted our roots in Flagstaff in August of 2016. Life has not stopped since our move to Arizona with welcoming two kids within a year! When I’m not directing chaos and watching endless amounts of Paw Patrol I put on my “owner hat” running a Marketing and Graphic design company Flip Marketing. Balancing the work and mom life has been a struggle but I thrive on chaos!

Beckie Cochran

Beckie Cochran

Beckie Cochran, a Southern California native, has always had a passion for people and relationships. Growing up she had aspirations of becoming a youth pastor but quickly found herself to be too much of a social butterfly for college. She was working in the insurance industry when she met her husband, Bryan, on the internet in October 2004 they were married in May of 2005. She started working with her husband at the family business, until her husband had two back surgeries and they had their two children Attalia (5) and Nicodemus (3).  They didn’t want to raise their children in Los Angeles so they relocated to Flagstaff and built a house on Bryan’s parents property in May 2014. Beckie is a local photographer and enjoys socializing with friends, cooking, creating, and building a community of confident, competent moms.

Brooke Joiner

brooke joiner

My name is Brooke and I am a newly appointed Domestic Engineer (aka stay at home mom). I lived in Florida for 20 years before moving to Flagstaff, Arizona, to work in marketing as a graphic designer for a medical company. While working, I fell in love, got married and am now mom to Josie (2) and Isla (4 moths). I enjoy finding smoking deals that I can pass on to friends, seeing smiles and excitement on my daughters faces, and all things coffee and Lululemon.

Brynne Daulton

Brynne Daulton

I have been married to my best friend Jim for 12 years this summer and we have 3 kiddos Ember 8, Sawyer 5, and Eliza almost 2. My husband was born and raised in Flagstaff and I have lived in Flagstaff almost my whole life. I love good food, reality tv, hiking, Jesus and great times with friends. I am a stay at home mom and my husband is a firefighter paramedic who is also at NAU full time! 

Christine Davis

christine davis

Christine Davis lives in Flagstaff with her husband, son, and adventure dog. They like to go on easy hikes, eat lots of local burgers, and have fun in the sun and snow. She holds an MFA from Northern Arizona University, where she currently serves as an instructor in the English department. Her work can be found in Crack the Spine, Four Ties Lit Review, Atlantis Magazine, and Sanctuary Literary Journal.

Courtney Ludwig

Courtney Ludwig

Courtney Ludwig is sassy, smart, and sarcastic. She is also a single mom to twin boys, Sammy and Jayson. This family of 3 moved to Flagstaff, AZ in August 2010 when the boys were 6 months old. Courtney first moved to Arizona in 2000 but was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, IL (Go Cubs Go!)

Courtney is a suicide survivor of her own attempts, and the loss of the twins’ father. She writes about her mental health diagnoses honestly and shares her struggles at

Danielle Fazio

Danielle Fazio

I’m Danielle, FMB contributor and over-achieving mom of 20 month-old boy/girl twins, Maya & Matteo. I stay home with the goobers most days and use nap time to put on my “corporate” hat and crank out a little bit of work as a medical device company consultant. When I’m not being poked, jumped on, and smooched by my babies, my yoga mat is my sanctuary. I teach yoga part-time at ESenEM, run my own business (High Altitude Yoga), and find an immense amount of joy in bringing my passion for teaching to the Flagstaff yoga community through lululemon as an ambassador. In ALL my spare time (huh?), I drag myself outta bed in the wee hours to take yoga, train for St. George Marathon, grab a barre3 class, or drink a *hot* cup of coffee ALL BY MYSELF. Someday I hope to finish a knitting project, read a magazine from front to back, and drink an entire bottle of champagne without worrying about my kids getting into a tangled, hot, inebriated mess. Hit me up if you wanna join me. I would settle for mimosas + yoga.

Emily Barton

emily barton

Hi all! I am a proud mom of twins – Lilith and Jack – since February 2017.  When I am not tandem bottle feeding or trying to coordinate napping schedules, I am either working full time as a registered nurse for the Indian Health Service, or taking my babies out in their Weego twin carrier with my husband.

Heather Gearheart

Heather Gearhart

Born and raised in Arizona, and now living full-time in Flagstaff, Heather Gearhart fell in love with the community as a NAU student where she earned her bachelor of science in public relations and met her husband, Ryan. Now a 30-something mom of two kids (A – age 8, and C – age 6), Heather is on a journey to just “be.” She’s a self-proclaimed mess who let go of perfection to instead live by the mantra to “relax and embrace the crazy.” Heather blogs about her mishaps, learnings and adventures in parenting on

Heather Pierce


Born and raised in NJ, Heather left with fire on her heels to attend ASU in Tempe, AZ in 1995, where she obtained a degree in art history, while minoring in both anthropology and French. While at ASU she met her husband Jake and began their loud, crazy, fun filled life together. She’s a full time corporate marketing consultant, freelance writer, is on the board for and chairs the fundraising and marketing committee for Flagstaff Arts & Leadership ACademy, and most importantly, a very hands on and fun mom to two wild boys Zane, age 9, and Van, age 4. They’ve made Flagstaff their forever home since 2010 and Is actively involved in our mountain community, lives for live music, good food and wine, reading books about real life people, and a lover of the outdoors. 

Jen Slover

Jen Slover

Celebrating this year as a grateful 10 year resident of Flagstaff. Looking back, I came here to work for a non-profit as a single woman knowing I was called to this little mountain town, full of life, culture, adventure, and smiles freely exchanged with perfect strangers. I knew I was Home. I since then have been blessed with a husband and two pretty awesome (most of the time) children. With kids ages 4 and 3, and a full time business I am constantly  juggling  the roles of wife, mother,  and business owner and striving to make time to still be a daughter, sister, neighbor and friend…(also try to squeeze in dreaded, selfish, dare I say “Me” time…once in a while…when all my chores are done of course) I’ve made my living the past 10 years in the production world, events, music, film and photography. I am grateful to call Flagstaff my home where I believe my voice, and as well as others, have an impact in our community. 

Jessie Luckey

Jessie Luckey

Jessie Luckey lives in Flagstaff, AZ with her husband, daughter, dogs and chickens. Previously a teacher for 6 years, Jessie is now awaiting a new calling. Jessie loves Jesus and being outside.

Jill Anderson


Jill is the mother of five teenage daughters and has been married to her high school sweetheart for 25 years. A full-time working mother and pastor’s wife, Jill enjoys serving women as a Cabi stylist, playing tennis and pickle ball, and trying new restaurants. Her family moved to Flagstaff from Chicagoland.

Karli Haviland


I am a Flagstaff local from toddlerhood. I went to FALA for high school and graduated from NAU with a BA in Secondary English Education. I married my high school sweetheart, and together we’re building our life with our toddler Moira, whom I stay at home with full time. My passion is working with pregnant people during their journey to and through birth and post partum as a birth doula and birth photographer, and I work with another doula in town to provide those services to the Flagstaff community. I dance and perform with a Modern Dance company several times a year, and I teach baby & me music and dance classes around town weekly. I enjoy reading, hiking with friends, and playing Zelda in my spare time. 

Katie Woodard

Katie Woodward

Katie has lived in Flagstaff for 22 years and grew up in North Carolina. She has 10 and 12 year old boys who are certainly an adventure! Her family is by far the most rewarding part of her life. Katie loves hiking and running in our beautiful hills, skiing, river rafting, traveling, health and clean eating (thanks to a whacky thyroid). She is also always taking small steps to clean up our environment, and she is currently learning meditation and just loves learning in general! Katie and her college roommate drove to AZ from VA after college and Katie has only left briefly but Flagstaff is her home for sure! She met her wonderful husband while river guiding in the Grand Canyon. Katie is family photographer here in Flagstaff and loves capturing the natural love and beauty in families. Her newest fun adventure is co-founding Women Empowering Northern Arizona.

Kendra Franchi

Kendra Franchi

Kendra Franchi is an Arizona Native, born and raised in Tucson. She moved to Flagstaff at 17 to attend NAU and decided instantly Flagstaff was her forever home. She completed an undergraduate degree in psychology, criminal justice and Spanish. With the support of her husband she continued on to obtain two graduate degrees in counseling and psychology. She went into private practice specializing in clinical health diagnoses as well as developmental disabilities and delays in adults and children. Kendra was an avid blogger for the community with Gluten Intolerance when she was originally diagnosed with Celiac. As life happens, many things changed when she had her (now) two year old son Oliver. She currently stays home and works as a licensed mortgage officer so she can raise/play and explore life with her little guy! You’ll see her around town, maybe reading some books to kiddos at a local story time and trying every new restaurant that opens. She is excited to get back into blogging and share with you new things to explore and love about our tiny town.

Melissa Mark


Melissa Mark and her husband Tyler are both Phoenix natives who moved to Flagstaff in 2008. With her Master’s degree in Community Counseling, she worked as a therapist in Wickenburg, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Flagstaff, mostly specializing in eating disorders. Tyler works for a local construction company, and Melissa made the decision to become a full-time mom when she was pregnant with their first baby. They have two boys, Nolan (6) and Landon (4), who keep them equally busy and entertained. They love exploring Flagstaff, staying active, and hiking, camping, and shopping as a family. (Ok, so Landon is the only one who enjoys shopping with his mom). Melissa is fascinated by people and loves to learn about different personalities, backgrounds and interests. This could explain her obsession with reality TV (mostly on Bravo), good novels, and talking with friends over a glass of wine.

Moira Sullivan


Moira is the mother to one crazy toddler, two equally as crazy furry children and has been a Flagstaff resident for a lucky ten years. Her day job includes caring for animals in the Flagstaff community and strives to find the joy and humor in every-day life as a solo-parent. This little family can most often be found on an off-beaten trail or wondering the Target isles before nap time. Moira is passionate about being outdoors, living simply and naturally, and would choose coffee over tea any day. 

Sarah Erlinder


Originally from Minneapolis, Sarah landed in Flagstaff in 2009 by way of Connecticut, Brooklyn, NY and Madison, WI. She works as a public interest attorney and lives with her husband, two sons, and two dogs.

Leslie O'Hara

Leslie O'Hara

Hello, I’m Leslie!  My husband and I moved our family to Flagstaff two years ago from the Midwest.  We are enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery Northern Arizona has to offer while raising our four children.  Toddler boys and one year old boy/girl twins to be exact, and yeah, we are busy!  I enjoy exercise, photography, the great outdoors and the company of other mamas.

Sarah Yeager

sarah yeager

Sarah feels lucky to have been in Flagstaff for almost two years by the way of Austin, Texas and before that, Southern California.  Sarah has been married for four years to her husband who she has known since she was 14 years old.  She has a spunky one year old named Mae who keeps her busy, but when she isn’t wrangling her little one Sarah enjoys working at the Barre3 studio and as a mortgage loan officer with Tylan Mortgage. Before coming to Arizona Sarah spent four years teaching elementary school in Texas and her obsession with structured days and crayola products still remains. Sarah believes that most problems in life can be remedied by laughter, a serious over-pour in your wine glass and a sunny patio.  You can follow her on instagram @sjbyeager

Sienna Chapman

Sienna Chapman

Sienna is a born and raised Flagstaff local and 24-year-old mama to one spunky toddler. She is an avid outdoor adventurer and passionate about books, art, sewing, eco-friendly living and all things local.

Tiffany Tcheng

Tiffany Tcheng

Tiffany is a digital marketer & front-end web developer living in Flagstaff, AZ with her husband and daughter. When she’s not staring at a computer screen or chasing around a toddler, you can find her watching hockey, rock climbing, spending time outdoors, enjoying an iced green tea with two raw sugars or slowly working on renovating their home.