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Baby Wipes Shortage: a Solution

If you’ve got a baby, like me, and they tend to poop in their diapers, like mine does, then you need a safe easy effective way to clean that poop off their rear-end (and thighs, and back, and everything else…) But with Covid-19 running rampant and preppers getting ahold of the last package of baby wipes, toilet paper, and paper towels, what are we supposed to clean off our babies with?

Allow a cloth diapering mom of 3+ years share a small piece of crunchy wisdom. You likely already have everything you need in your house, so you won’t have to run out to the store crawling with viruses.

Cloth wipes


  • 1 of the million receiving blankets you got at the baby shower
  • Water
  • Castile soap (or baby body wash – just something liquid and pretty basic with no extra whatevers added)
  • Any food grade oil – coconut, olive, jojoba, grapeseed, etc…
  • for extra flare some essential oils like: melaleuca/tea tree, frankincense, lavender
  • A jar
  • Scissors
  • Wipe warmer or Tupperware with lid

Make the wipes:

  1. Cut up the receiving blanket into aprx. 5in x 5in squares (or whatever somewhat straight shape emerges when you’re done)
  2. Lay one “wipe” flat
  3. Lay a second wipe over half of the first one. fold the first one over the second one.
  4. Lay a third wipe over the overlapping area of wipes 1 and 2. fold the second wipe over the overlapping area of the wipes. (see pictures for visual representation)
  5. Continue until you’ve got a good stack of them. place the stack in your wipe warmer or any Tupperware container

Make the wipe solution:

  1. Fill your jar aprx. 2/3rds with warm to hot water
  2. Spoon or pour in aprx 1/2 cup of oil (if it’s coconut oil, it’ll probably stay solid which is why I recommend warm water and a wipe warmer to help it dissolve)
  3. Fill up the jar with Castile soap – I like Dr. Bronner’s, and you can buy whatever scent you like or just have it plain – or baby friendly gentle liquid soap of your choice
  4. Add about 20 drops of essential oils if that’s your thing
  5. Seal the jar, give it a good shake, pour over your waiting cloth wipes in the container of your choosing.

Enjoy your moisturized, clean, and practically sourced baby buns!

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