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Date Night Ideas: Restaurant Hopping!

This year was our first having to plan an anniversary dinner around a baby. Meaning we needed something quick enough to get care and needed very little energy in executing. Enter our favorite date night, at my husband’s suggestion: restaurant hopping!

Pick a course for as many restaurants as you want, it can be as quick or as long as you like and as costly or cheap as you like. Something I love about restaurant hopping is that it can allow you to try all sorts of new places with little commitment and it’s a great way to get in to some much nicer places that you could normally not afford. Start early and you can get a few in for happy hour prices. Remember to go light, otherwise, you’ll fill up too quickly for your dinner (or more importantly, dessert!)

Here are some of my recommendations for your next course by course date night!


Margaritas at Criollo

Cocktails at The McMillian

Martinis at Rendezvous

Beer at Historic Brewing Company


Cheese plate at Brix

Garlic Miso Clams at Monsoons

Nachos Brava at Salsa Brava


Sushi roll (my favorite is the Kaptain Krunch roll) at Karma Sushi

Bibimbap at Na D Li

Pizza at New Jersey Pizza Co


Gelato at Kickstand Kafe

Dark chocolate and sea salt covered carmel at The Sweet Shoppe and Nut House

All the pastries at The Tourist Home Urban Market


What are some of your favorite a la cart places to eat?

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