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Memories… What Gets Us By

I cherish memories the most. I was thinking a lot tonight and started bringing memories into my head that made me tear up with joyful tears. I lost my Papa (grandfather) when I was 19. It was one of the hardest things to go through and a long grieving process. One thing that got me […]

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The Gift of Experience

As the Holidays approach, many of us are beginning the yearly process of gift buying for loved ones. If you’re like me, the holidays have a new meaning since becoming a parent, whether that is the joy of continuing a long-standing family tradition or the excitement of starting a new one. After our first Christmas […]

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It is Time to Make Mother-Daughter Trips a Tradition

As a stay at home mom whose husband’s demanding career takes him away from home for extended periods of time, all aspects of parenting our daughter is my responsibility. It is often said that stay-at-home mothers embody different personas; we are the housekeepers, teachers, chefs, financial advisors, nurses, chauffeurs, playmates and the list goes on. […]

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How's breastfeeding going?

I Did the Math. Breastfeeding IS a Second Full-time Job.

I recently saw a meme online that read, “Breastfeeding for one year is approximately 1800 hours. A full-time job with 3 weeks of vacation is 1,960 hours.  Just a fun fact.”  Since my pump measures the number of hours that it has been used, I decided to run my own numbers.  I was especially curious […]

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How to Give Yourself a Wonderful Mother’s Day

If you’re like me, sometimes it feels as though everyone else’s needs in the family come first. It’s the reality of parenthood. Obviously, children need us to attend to their wants, needs, and to keep them alive and thriving. In this way, motherhood can leave us feeling both rewarded and wearied at the same time. […]

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Have You Heard About The Enneagram?

Have you heard about the Enneagram? Simply put, the Enneagram is a system of nine interconnected personality types. They are graphically represented as lines and triangles that intersect in a star-like figure inside a circle.   The Enneagram is used in many business conferences, seminars, and team-building exercises in order to obtain knowledge of interpersonal […]

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Stressed mother working attending a phone call and taking care of her baby at office

Mom Bosses: How to Share Your Business Without Driving Your Friends Crazy

  Twenty years and three different businesses with very different product lines and sales strategies have taught me more than I’d care to admit about network marketing. It can be very lucrative. It requires time, courage, and persistence. And most importantly, it’s all about relationships. Fellow mom bosses, here’s what your friends wish you knew […]

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When Your Mom Village is Hard to Find

Recently, I sat in a circle of women revolved around one woman in particular in order to honor her passage into motherhood. They blessed her with their prayers, words of encouragement, tears of friendship, and nourishing food. I have no doubt that her village that she’s so carefully cultivated will continue to hold that space […]

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