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Trending: A Return to The 3gen Household

  I never thought I’d be living with my mother again, but at age 37, it happened. And I’m pretty sure my husband NEVER planned on living with his mother-in-law. But hey, it happened. And surprise! It’s actually working out okay. Fast forward almost 5 years of living in a three-generation household, we still like […]

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Make Room for Stay at Home Dads

The number of dads who stay home with their children has doubled since 1989. While mothers still make up the majority of stay-at-home-parents, an increasing number of fathers are joining the ranks. However, the public generally places less value on fathers who stay home, than mothers who stay home. A poll conducted by Pew research […]

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Grand Canyon river trip Katie Woodard 2018-74

3 Tips on Connecting and Reconnecting

I just got home from a 10-day rafting trip in the Grand Canyon with my husband. We were gone from work, cell phones, our kids and everything for 10 days! To say it was great is an understatement. Before we left, my husband and I joked about reconnecting on the trip. I thought, aren’t we […]

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A Pup and His Best Friend

A Pup and His Best Friend Hi, my name is Max.  I am a nine-year-old German Rottweiler.  My life I thought was pretty great a few years ago, but then I discovered something new – a best friend.  Before my best friend came around I thought I was having the time of my life with […]

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Grandmother Doesn’t Always Know Best: Respecting Parenting Choices

Until 1994, parents were encouraged to put their child to sleep on their stomachs. Our foremothers likely gave birth under Twilight Sleep. Growing up, TV was an accessible babysitter. Spanking is still hotly debated today.   Sometimes it can teeter on mommy-shaming the ways I’ve heard, “well, when I had kids” or, “we didn’t do it that […]

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My Internet Friends

For me, being a mom has meant both rarely being alone and yet often feeling lonely. Much to my surprise, however, I’ve found a lot of support online. I know I’m not the only one looking for it there– but I do think I’m relatively unique in that I’ve found it there! The internet can […]

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Finding Flagstaff Friends

So what happens when you move from a big city with a huge variety of people and many drastically differing opinions to a small town with a seemingly overwhelmingly singular point of view? You feel out of place, that’s what. Our family moved to Flagstaff almost three years ago and although we love so many […]

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Are you on Team Toy_

Team Toys or Team No More Toys?

Let’s talk kid gifting. Are you Team Toys or Team No More Toys? I used to be on Team No More Toys. Clutter gives me anxiety so anything I could do to reduce the volume of toys and rainbow-colored things in my house, I would. I’d suggest books over toys, experiences over things. I’m the […]

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