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Let Them See You Work

Being a mom is really hard sometimes. Being an adult is really hard sometimes.  Keeping it all together is really hard sometimes. I’ve been making an effort, though, lately, to show my kids how hard I’m working. The home tasks never end, we all know this. The laundry keeps coming, the lunches need to be […]

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Delaying Kindergarten

I’m no stranger to high stakes early entry kindergarten. That’s where I started my teaching career, years and years ago. I had a class full of young children that were academically ready for kindergarten, but I would always think what happens when they’re in high school?  When those kid are in friendships, or relationships with kids […]

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Bucket Of Cleaning Supplies On Wooden Table With Clean Blue Bubbly Background - Cleaning Services Concept

Eco-Friendly and Budget-Friendly Cleaning Tips From A Mom Who Is Not Trying To Sell You Anything

When I was pregnant with my firstborn, I began noticing the toxicity of common household products. The bathroom cleaner I’d used for years made me lightheaded and dizzy, and the air freshener burners that made the house smell like vanilla now made me sick to my stomach. I began to look into what was in […]

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I Did the Math. Breastfeeding IS a Second Full-time Job.

I recently saw a meme online that read, “Breastfeeding for one year is approximately 1800 hours. A full-time job with 3 weeks of vacation is 1,960 hours.  Just a fun fact.”  Since my pump measures the number of hours that it has been used, I decided to run my own numbers.  I was especially curious […]

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Concerts in the Park

Local Guide: Free and Low-Cost Summer Activities For Kids

Summer is beautiful in Flagstaff. Above all, I love being able to hang out with my kiddos and enjoy everything our little mountain town has to offer. However, between summer sports, vacation, and various other ventures, expenses can add up. Therefore, we try to stick to lower cost or free daily activities that we can […]

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