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stress relief flagstaff

5 Ways New Flagstaff Moms Can Reduce Stress

The National Institute of Mental Health defines stress as “how the brain and body respond to any demand.” With that being said, motherhood affects how we respond to the demand of caring for our little ones.  Being a parent is a 24 hour job and our bosses are not always understanding of how tired and […]

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Long Distance Friendships

Part of the allure of living in Flagstaff is that most of us are transplants to this lovely mountain town; but the downside of that fact is that it means we have all left wonderful friendships behind in other cities.  I won’t lie, I cherish my friends from college and adulthood so very much, but […]

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Pink Clothes

A Short Rant About the Color Pink

When it comes time for some sort of gift giving day, I know my family and friends shutter when shopping for my daughter. They say, “I tried not to pick out too many pink things.” And I appreciate it. I do my best to avoid pink as much as possible. The thing is, I actually […]

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infertility journey

My Infertility Journey

  We spend so much time and energy avoiding  pregnancy that it seems so strange to ever have to make much more of an effort to achieve pregnancy. Achieve pregnancy. That’s the way we phrase it when someone who has been trying to conceive, becomes pregnant. Well for a year and a half I could […]

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5 Tips for (2)

How to Keep Toddlers Busy on Airplanes

School’s out for the summer and it’s time to pack in all of our summer adventures and travel plans. I’m sure the thought of traveling with a toddler gives you anxiety, especially if you’re flying and have to navigate the airport, security, and all of your luggage with a two-year-old. Not to mention trying to […]

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letter to my husband

A Letter to my Husband on Father’s Day

To my husband, Not only am I so thankful for you, I really understand what an important influence you have on our family.  Dads approach parenting completely different than moms do.  I think that children receive a completely different set of lenses in which they see the world from each parent. As a mom I am […]

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