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What Mom Wants for Mother’s Day: FREE PRINTABLE

Ah…expectations. We all have them, but don’t often share them. Silent expectations create so many problems in our lives and especially related to big holidays like Mother’s Day. In fact, just last night “silent expectations” led to a fight with my own mom about Mother’s Day 2018.   Here’s the deal: We all have expectations about […]

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Meet The Contributor: Amanda

Hi Flagstaff! I am Amanda- a Midwest girl at heart but now adapting to the southwest.  I am excited to join the Flagstaff Mom Blog team and for you to get to know me better through my blogs.  But first I’ll give you more of an insight into my life by answering a few questions […]

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Meet The Contributor: Moira

Job: Full-time mother, part-time caretaker, full-time veterinary clinic worker.    Early Bird or Night Owl: Early bird.    Favorite thing to do with your Family: Hike, day-trips,   Coffee or Tea: Coffee, because I don’t claim to be a superhero who runs on natural energy alone.    Going back in time, one thing you would […]

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Meet the Contributor: Melissa Mark

– Family: My husband Tyler and I have two boys, Nolan and Landon, ages 7 and 4 1/2. Our first baby is actually our 11-year-old boxer Frank, whose hair turned gray as soon as the boys were born. Frank loves playing at parks (including trying to scramble up playsets and slide down slides) even more […]

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Meet the Contributor: Heather Pierce

I’m not so great at writing introductions about myself, although I’m great at answering questions. So I’m going to lead into my Q&A with a song lyric that captures my mission in life… “Love the life you live. Live the life you love.” – Bob Marley – Family: Been with my husband Jake for 21 […]

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We Couldn’t Afford to Pay for College. And it’s not the end of the world.

I remember thinking when our babies were born that college seemed far off. People told us we should start saving right away, especially after we had five babies in about six years. But there was always something else–paying for graduate school, buying our first home, braces, summer camp, the list goes on. And then, one […]

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Teaching Children about Disability

We consistently sit in the same pew at church every week. Lately, my toddler has noticed someone else who sits near us every week. He is a young man, in high school, severely disabled and hooked up to several machines that go off and on during Mass. When his machine goes on my daughter’s focus […]

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Surviving Baseball Season in Flagstaff

Five years ago this April, I eagerly ushered my then 4-year-old onto a soft green field for his first year of T-ball. I donned a tank top, baseball cap, and flip-flops, and prepared to enjoy a blissful baseball season – soaking up the sun after a long winter while my son played his heart out […]

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Toddler Air Travel Tips

Here’s a hard truth: traveling with a toddler sucks. I know because I’ve done it a bunch. My son is 20 months old and has been on at least 10 flights. My family lives in NC, so we travel there and back several times a year. I usually do this solo (just me and my […]

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That One Time I Cried in the Grocery Store Parking Lot

This post was created in partnership with Frontier Co-Op, all opinions are our own. A few weeks ago I hauled both my little boys to our local natural grocery store on double coupon day. I was doomed to fail from the beginning. The night before I had combed through the online advertisements to cross-check the […]

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An Important Question To Ask Yourself

Last year during a visit from my mom and a stroll to the park when the twins were about 6 months old, my mom asked me a question. “So, do you feel like a mom yet?” she asked.   I was bewildered and curious to hear this question. I mean, of course, I felt like a […]

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