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Egg Hunt (1)

Flagstaff Family Neighborhood Egg Hunt

Flagstaff families may not be able to attend some of our favorite Easter egg hunts this year, but with a little help from our local community, we can go on an Easter egg hunt while still practicing social distancing. Similar to the ‘bear hunts’ and ‘chalk walks’ we’ve seen popping up in neighborhoods all over […]

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Let’s Talk About Guns

One of the most difficult things about being a parent is having to confront real issues and make tough decisions regarding our children’s safety especially when the topic is a highly contested political debate. Let it be known, this is not a political article and does not hold an opinion about gun rights. The intent […]

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Deep Cleaning and Healthy Tips for the Pandemic

I’m pretty terrible at doing routine deep cleans, but my mom is a professional. Here are some tips beyond the typical “wipe down” that we all usually do. Disinfect light switches, door knobs, and refrigerator doors Empty the fridge and disinfect all shelves; clean the top of your fridge Replace your air filter Dust mini […]

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Baby Wipes Shortage: a Solution

If you’ve got a baby, like me, and they tend to poop in their diapers, like mine does, then you need a safe easy effective way to clean that poop off their rear-end (and thighs, and back, and everything else…) But with Covid-19 running rampant and preppers getting ahold of the last package of baby […]

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Teen Me Please!

Where have all the children gone….? The babies. The toddlers. The kids under 10. Those kids. My kids. Moms, if your babies are growing up, and aren’t little anymore, as in they won’t fit in your lap all snug, then this post is for you. I never really was a mom to join mom groups […]

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Traveling, Toddlers, and Tantrums

The 70/30 Rule My husband and I have a few rules that we both greatly agree on. One of them is what we refer to as the 70/30 rule. Most days have a normal predictable routine to them. My child can expect to go to certain activities on certain days and that lunch and nap […]

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10 Tips for the Pumping Mama

I breastfed my son for a year with minimal problems, and only pumped while at work, so when my little girl came along and had feeding problems I was pretty much beside myself. I wanted her to get breastmilk, so I started pumping right away. Three months later I’m still at it, and I’m hoping […]

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Shirley’s Q+A – Meet The Contributor

Family: My husband and I have known each other since we were kids. We got married in 2019 when I was just 19. Ah, young love, haha.   We just celebrated our 11 year wedding anniversary and are hoping to celebrate more. We have a 4 year old toddler, a 14  year old cat, and a […]

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