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2018 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Sources (left to right): 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Father’s Day is coming up so here’s a quick gift guide I put together with my own husband in mind. He has, loves, and uses every single thing I put on this list, aside from the matching kiddo tees — maybe that’ll be […]

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Are you on Team Toy_

Team Toys or Team No More Toys?

Let’s talk kid gifting. Are you Team Toys or Team No More Toys? I used to be on Team No More Toys. Clutter gives me anxiety so anything I could do to reduce the volume of toys and rainbow-colored things in my house, I would. I’d suggest books over toys, experiences over things. I’m the […]

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Planting the Seeds

It’s true what they say, they grow up fast. So fast. Here I am with a three-year-old and I can barely remember what the baby stage was like. But what I do remember is each time I’d say, she’s growing up. It happened when we stopped nursing. It happened when she gave her pacifier up. […]

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How Do Your Kids Address Their Elders?

Not long ago, my daughter said to me, “Mama, I have a lot of aunties and uncles.” While that is true (I have 33 cousins alone), she’s also referring to our close friends that we have taught her to address as Auntie and Uncle. Growing up, everyone was an Aunt or Uncle, whether we knew […]

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Journaling. Do you do it? I used to be a better documenter, on paper. I wish I could be that person that keeps a handwritten journal, full of memories, thoughts, and ideas. I’ve started a handful of journals, but that’s all I’ve done — start. It wasn’t until we moved away for my husband’s job […]

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plastic bags

Video: How to Organize Plastic Bags

When my daughter was born, my mom came to stay with us in Buffalo for three weeks to help out. It was the middle of winter, in a blizzard. We were basically trapped inside the entire time since toting a newborn out in negative temperatures was not a great idea. My mom did everything. From cooking and [...]
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Meet the Contributor: Tiffany Tcheng

Family: We’re a family of three, plus our 13-year-old dog. Our daughter Tilly is 2.5 years old. Our dog’s name is Moose. He’s a Jack Russell Terrier-mix. Job: I’m an independent digital marketer and front-end web developer. I’m also a lifestyle and portrait photographer. What brought you to Flagstaff: My husband’s job brought us to Flagstaff. […]

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5 Tips for (2)

How to Keep Toddlers Busy on Airplanes

School’s out for the summer and it’s time to pack in all of our summer adventures and travel plans. I’m sure the thought of traveling with a toddler gives you anxiety, especially if you’re flying and have to navigate the airport, security, and all of your luggage with a two-year-old. Not to mention trying to […]

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