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Toddler-Approved Farmers Market Recipes

Our community farmers market runs every Sunday, 8-12 until late October and it is BOUNTIFUL. If you go, you will likely spend more time than you planned because you will run into other locals you know and stop to chat. Obviously, eating farm-fresh produce raw is enjoyable enough, but I want to share a few […]

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Make Room for Stay at Home Dads

The number of dads who stay home with their children has doubled since 1989. While mothers still make up the majority of stay-at-home-parents, an increasing number of fathers are joining the ranks. However, the public generally places less value on fathers who stay home, than mothers who stay home. A poll conducted by Pew research […]

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What's the Walk Out Really About_

Why Arizona Teachers Are Walking Out

Arizona teachers voted 78% in favor of walking out, why? Arizona ranks 49th in education funding. The walkout started on Thursday, April 26th, as demands for increased funding weren’t met. Here’s what you need to know about the walk out.  What is the problem?  Arizona has cut $8 Billion from school funding since 2008.  Consequently, […]

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Tips for Smoother Co-Parenting, Even When you are Married

Co-parenting typically refers to parents who are raising a child together despite being divorced or separated. But even if you are married, alternating childcare responsibilities can feel like you are parenting separately. Most days my partner is the primary parent from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. When I get home he leaves for work. If daddy’s […]

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How to Spend a

How to Enjoy a Snow Weekend in Flagstaff

Dress for Snow and Ice:  I once saw a woman walking around snowy downtown in snow pants and stilettos. I’m all for fashion as a means of self-expression, but if you aren’t wearing practical shoes you are going to be making some involuntary snow angels. Make sure you have shoes that can handle the ice, […]

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Co-Sleeping Saved my Sanity

Initially, we didn’t want to co-sleep I was very opposed to co-sleeping with my baby. Our bed was ours. We got a crib and a bassinet and it was very important for us to have our own separate spaces. Turns out I was wrong.  Benefits of co-sleeping (for my family) Warmth: Like most low-income families, […]

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I am Not Weaning my Two-year-old Yet and that is Fine

I am not weaning my toddler anytime soon My daughter turned two in late December and still asks for “boobs, please” often. And I am not planning on weaning her anytime soon. There are a lot of detrimental misconceptions about extended breastfeeding: tooth decay, spoiled children, biting. I’ve even seen people on the internet saying […]

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Breastfeeding: Fed is Mandatory, Breast is Best

I had no idea breastfeeding was painful… Mothering is extremely difficult and we are quiet about some of the most challenging aspects of it. Before my daughter’s first latch, I didn’t know that breastfeeding was painful. It took me months to learn that there were different ways to hold her while I nursed her. I […]

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