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hated breastfeeding

I Hated Breastfeeding and it’s OK if You Did Too

I’ve had this conversation a few times lately.  It starts with downcast eyes and is in hushed tones.  Sometimes it ends with hot tears and feelings of shame, sometimes it ends with a slow trickle of exhausted crying that comes with being a sleep-deprived new mom, but most recently multiple conversations have ended with a […]

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minimum wage

Where is my Minimum Wage?

Have you heard about the minimum wage increase in Flagstaff?  If you haven’t then come on out from the rock you were under because it’s REAL.  Small town political campaigns were staked on this issue.  I’ve spoken with local single moms who are over the moon now that they can better care for their family […]

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Long Distance Friendships

Part of the allure of living in Flagstaff is that most of us are transplants to this lovely mountain town; but the downside of that fact is that it means we have all left wonderful friendships behind in other cities.  I won’t lie, I cherish my friends from college and adulthood so very much, but […]

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sarah yeager

Meet the Contributor: Sarah Yeager

Family: Sarah and husband Doug, baby Mae plus two big smelly dogs.   Job: I basically do it all! Barre3 front desk in the wee hours of the morning before the baby wakes up. Mortgage Loan Originator extraordinaire during nap times and the wee hours of the night. Sleepy baby =working mama   What brought […]

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work at home

Making Work at Home Work

. If you are one of the people who scored a coveted spot for your kiddo at a pre-school,  I applaud you, however if you are like the masses and stuck on a miles long waiting list then you have probably had to make some career and lifestyle changes.  Our little one will hopefully be […]

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