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Not Another Personality Test: The Enneagram

“What’s Your Type?” Like, your enneagram type…any number 1-9 could describe what drives you, and either or both of your wings help clarify your unique mixture of personalities. Lost yet? I was too, but when I began to discover the genius of the enneagram, it quickly became an obsession of mine. And now I see […]

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Play with me, Mama!

We hear it a thousand times a day. It’s always in the middle of a chore or right after we sit down with a hot cup of coffee. “Play with me, Mama!”  Why is it that that phrase can fill me with so much disdain? Why is it that I can feel so irked at […]

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How to: Survive a Sick Baby

My 3 month old got the chicken pox. And despite people’s encouragement that it’s better to deal with at a younger age, it’s pretty tough to get through any kind of viral infection with an infant for a few key reasons: Stuffy nose + feeding (breast or bottle) = difficulty feeding, very frustrated baby, ineffective breastfeeding and […]

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When Your Mom Village is Hard to Find

Recently, I sat in a circle of women revolved around one woman in particular in order to honor her passage into motherhood. They blessed her with their prayers, words of encouragement, tears of friendship, and nourishing food. I have no doubt that her village that she’s so carefully cultivated will continue to hold that space […]

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Am I a Bad Mom

15 Questions Bad Moms Think

Am I a bad mom for putting my kid in preschool full time? He’s too young for that much time away from me. A better mom would know that about her child. Am I a bad mom for staying home with my kids instead of putting them in preschool? A good mom would make sure […]

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