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Keep It Simple Christmas Recipes

The last few days leading up to Christmas can be so busy with last minute shopping, relatives arriving, and the usual festivities, I’m thankful for a few simple holiday recipes that my family looks forward to every year. They help keep me sane and enjoying the day with the rest of them.  Christmas Eve is […]

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What falling leaves are teaching me

My husband and I took a day off to hike in the mountains the other day. The air was crisp and cool. The bright golden leaves of the aspen trees had mostly fallen, creating a gorgeous carpet for our hike. The white trunks of the aspens and the towering pine trees were beautiful against the […]

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Stressed mother working attending a phone call and taking care of her baby at office

Mom Bosses: How to Share Your Business Without Driving Your Friends Crazy

  Twenty years and three different businesses with very different product lines and sales strategies have taught me more than I’d care to admit about network marketing. It can be very lucrative. It requires time, courage, and persistence. And most importantly, it’s all about relationships. Fellow mom bosses, here’s what your friends wish you knew […]

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Favorite Fall Movies + TV (8)

We Changed our Mind about Halloween

  A few years ago, we had a change of heart regarding Halloween. As a family in church leadership, it had been our personal conviction that we steered clear of the holiday. So we turned off the lights, left the house for the night, and went bowling or something fun to distract the children from […]

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