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Santa is like Mickey Mouse

Santa has been definitely been reimagined since I was a kid; On Christmas morning I would wake up to a room FULL of presents, wrapped in two different papers. One print from my mom and one from Santa. There was no big revelation when I learned the truth, somewhere around age 6. My cousins broke […]

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Merry MINIMAL Christmas

    You may be seeing a lot of posts recently about intentional gift giving and making the holiday season more authentic and less materialistic. Many families are overwhelmed with the busyness of the holidays. Between gift buying and giving, decorating, parties and planning matching outfits- it’s time to find ways to get back to […]

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Fam, Clean Your House!

What I hope to share with you are not tips and they are not tricks on house cleaning. Sometimes someone new just needs to come along and remind you what you already know because then you might just do it. This list should be completely unimpressive and I hope, very motivating. Don’t clean your house […]

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Delaying Kindergarten

I’m no stranger to high stakes early entry kindergarten. That’s where I started my teaching career, years and years ago. I had a class full of young children that were academically ready for kindergarten, but I would always think what happens when they’re in high school?  When those kid are in friendships, or relationships with kids […]

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Six Shows Starring Strong Women

Six shows that I think that you should be watching that happen to star amazing leading women because you probably don’t have enough of those in your life.   Outlander Outlander is an ongoing series based on the very popular book series from the 90’s; I’m a little late to the game. If we are […]

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Thriving Festival Season with Littles

Once the weather is warm enough, Flagstaff loves to celebrate! We start with Hullaballoo and wrap up with Cornucopia. It may seem overwhelming to bring small children to a festival scene, but locals know that we are a family friendly community that welcomes all members. Here I hope to impart some tips and tricks to […]

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How We Fight to Win the Toy Battle

What do I mean by toy battle? I’m sure you’ve been to those houses where not only do the kids have seemingly endless toys, but they are EVERYWHERE.  Now, this is not a judgment post. This is not Marie Kondo saying sometimes her house gets messy when you KNOW it doesn’t. I have plenty of […]

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My Husband is Not One of My Children

When I married my husband, I expected, and received a partner. Someone who would run the house as my equal and when it came to it, take care of our children. Sometimes we can’t be 50/50 and that’s ok within reason. But it’s not all the time, it’s not for less quality and it certainly […]

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Theatre Makes Me a Better Mom

I love musical theatre. Mostly being a part of community musical theatre. I love the challenge of learning new music, harmonies, and choreography. I like working with a familiar community and meeting new people who have very similar passions as I do. It was hard and exhausting before I had kids; coming home from work, […]

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Daycare is Raising My Kids

Well…not daycare. My children don’t go to “daycare.” They go to an early childhood enrichment center. I usually just say child care, or school. I’ve heard several people make the comment about not sending their children somewhere during the day because they don’t “want someone else raising their kid.” It’s great how some families can really make […]

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The Case for Public Schools

When we were children, there wasn’t too much debate about where you went to school. Your options were the local public school you were zoned for or maybe a private school. Those were the choices and they were completely acceptable. Things certainly have changed for our little ones. In Arizona, we are leading the nation on […]

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