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The Gift of Giving

Every year I pull out a stack of children’s Christmas books to read. This week, The Bernstein Bears Joy of Giving left me in tears. It’s a simple book about a brother and sister getting excited to give each other gifts, and then deciding to give outside their family. Throughout my childhood I witnessed my […]

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Motherhood as Limitation

I’ve been lucky enough to take lots of writing workshop classes (and to teach some, too). Writing can be overwhelming. Like…what do you write about? It’s easy to feel stuck. Guided writing activities are designed to get the writer writing, and to open up ideas that might grow into something bigger down the road. How […]

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The Angry Mama

I’m officially 33 weeks pregnant, working the last week of my summer teaching job, and raising a toddler! Wow, do I feel stretched thin. Not even thin. Just…transparent. I’m looking at myself writing down the calendar and keeping up with appointments and buying things off the baby list and doing laundry and keeping enough sippy […]

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The Potty Fairy

I tried to potty train my son at various stages, and it never worked. I finally adopted the attitude that he would eventually “train” himself, or let me know when he was ready. Days passed. Weeks. Months. He was almost three. I got pregnant with my second.  The notion of two in diapers began to […]

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Young Mom

I was in line at a local, upscale grocery store buying prenatal vitamins when the cashier complimented my neon pink nails. She said not everyone could pull them off. I explained that I had them done as a way to celebrate that I’m expecting a daughter.  Is this lame and gender-stereotypical? I guess, but I […]

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Real Love

I’m one of those people who overuses the word “love.” In 10 Things I Hate About You (perfect movie from the 90s), Bianca says, “There’s a difference between like and love. Because, I like my Skechers, but I love my Prada backpack.” I say I LOVE possessions all the time. I love my Vitamix, I […]

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Saying Thank You to Children

My child sometimes says please and thank you. If he really wants something, he yells, “Peeeaaaassss.” I call that progress. I try to always say please and thank you if we are out to eat or checking out a book from the library. I’m modeling the behavior for him. But how often do I thank […]

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Favorite Fall Movies + TV (9)

Fall Fun: Crafts to Keep or Gift

I know many of us Flagstaffians live far away from our parents and extended family. I love to send my mother, grandmother, and in-laws crafts from Jett. My grandmother actually frames crafts from all of her grandchildren (and great-grandchild)! It’s one way for them to stay connected, and for me to let them know that […]

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