Passionate About the Community
and the Moms Who Live Here
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Surviving Baseball Season in Flagstaff

Five years ago this April, I eagerly ushered my then 4-year-old onto a soft green field for his first year of T-ball. I donned a tank top, baseball cap, and flip-flops, and prepared to enjoy a blissful baseball season – soaking up the sun after a long winter while my son played his heart out […]

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Toddler Air Travel Tips

Here’s a hard truth: traveling with a toddler sucks. I know because I’ve done it a bunch. My son is 20 months old and has been on at least 10 flights. My family lives in NC, so we travel there and back several times a year. I usually do this solo (just me and my […]

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That One Time I Cried in the Grocery Store Parking Lot

This post was created in partnership with Frontier Co-Op, all opinions are our own. A few weeks ago I hauled both my little boys to our local natural grocery store on double coupon day. I was doomed to fail from the beginning. The night before I had combed through the online advertisements to cross-check the […]

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An Important Question To Ask Yourself

Last year during a visit from my mom and a stroll to the park when the twins were about 6 months old, my mom asked me a question. “So, do you feel like a mom yet?” she asked.   I was bewildered and curious to hear this question. I mean, of course, I felt like a […]

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Tips for Smoother Co-Parenting, Even When you are Married

Co-parenting typically refers to parents who are raising a child together despite being divorced or separated. But even if you are married, alternating childcare responsibilities can feel like you are parenting separately. Most days my partner is the primary parent from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. When I get home he leaves for work. If daddy’s […]

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Hi, I’m A Mom – and a Pizza Delivery Gal

As my kids were getting older and the fog cleared from my diaper changing days, I realized the possibility of me heading back to the workforce wasn’t sure a far-fetched idea anymore. I found myself excited about the concept and then suddenly on the verge of tears to be wishing away my baby bearing/wearing days. […]

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Quitting the Plastic Habit!

I am a wannabe environmentalist and a wannabe minimalist but I am a long way from perfection! These things are important to me so I keep chipping away at them daily and I love to share it! I recently took a Master Recycling class with the city of Flagstaff and that class got me re-inspired […]

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Mox Shoes

This post was created in partnership with Mox Shoes – all opinions are our own.  As a work from home mom, I’ve noticed that my fashion, or lack thereof, quickly morphed from cute and casual, to looking like I am continuously headed to the gym.  In an effort to practice more self-love, I decided to […]

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