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Am I a Bad Mom

15 Questions Bad Moms Think

Am I a bad mom for putting my kid in preschool full time? He’s too young for that much time away from me. A better mom would know that about her child. Am I a bad mom for staying home with my kids instead of putting them in preschool? A good mom would make sure […]

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Guide: A Vegan Weekend in Flagstaff

Flagstaff has some amazing food options! For every preference or restriction, it is not too difficult to find what you’re looking to enjoy. Whether you are rolling into town for a weekend away or looking for something to grab nearby here is a food guide with some great vegan options. Spoiler alert: None of these […]

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Podcasts and Shows You Might Like, Too

I am always looking for new podcasts and shows to stream. I listen to podcasts for some alone time on dog-walks and on long car trips. And my Netflix/Hulu/Amazon algorithms are all messed up based on my “interest” in Magic School Bus and PJ Masks. But, digging deep, here are some of each that I […]

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5 Fast and Healthy Meal Ideas for Busy Families

Schools are back in session! And back-to-school means BUSY. Getting up early, after-school sports, clubs, activities…even just the daily hustle and bustle…it all takes up time and may require a chauffeur for kids under the age of 16. Getting a meal on the table can appear to be a difficult, oftentimes impossible task amid the […]

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Toddler-Approved Farmers Market Recipes

Our community farmers market runs every Sunday, 8-12 until late October and it is BOUNTIFUL. If you go, you will likely spend more time than you planned because you will run into other locals you know and stop to chat. Obviously, eating farm-fresh produce raw is enjoyable enough, but I want to share a few […]

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Not a SAHM: A Maternity Leave Story

This summer, I gave birth to my second child beginning a summer that lined up with maternity leave! Now by “maternity leave” I don’t actually mean someone paid me to stay home and heal from birth and bond with my child (like in most countries in the world). I actually didn’t even qualify for FMLA […]

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