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Pregnant? Ditch the 12 Week Wait.

When I became pregnant with Suzanne, my husband asked me when we could tell people. “Whenever we want”, I said. “No, I mean, when is it safe to tell people.” Safe. He meant because 80% of miscarriages happen in the first trimester.  I would like to break down two things from this statistic. That does […]

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What Now? [ I Quit My Job ]

No one I talked to blamed me or questioned what I was doing. When I told them that I was quitting teaching they all just nodded or said they understood. A few told me, “If I was 10 years younger”. I had been working with children for over 10 years. 6 of those years were […]

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Yes, You Can Foster!

Happy National Adoption Awareness Month! My husband and I have been on a stop and go adoption journey for over two years. Having issues with infertility we decided to adopt through foster care. After having our biological daughter,  we kept pursuing adoption as a viable option for siblings. We became foster parents instead of attempting […]

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The Best Margaritas in Town!

This year I have lived in Flagstaff for 10 years, 7 of which I could legally drink. With that knowledge, I will pass on to you my top three places for the best margaritas in town! Best Margaritas in Flagstaff 1. Criollo What I love about Criollo’s margaritas is that they are made with fresh […]

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Owning Up For My Family’s Mistakes [ Columbus Day ]

This year as I filled out my daughter’s back to school paperwork I came across two questions. Holidays we celebrate and holidays we don’t. Being American Catholics we celebrate most typical holidays, Christmas, Easter, Halloween. But I paused at holidays we don’t celebrate and wrote down Columbus Day. I would hope that at this point, […]

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online mom groups

Breaking Up With Online Mom Groups

It’s nice to have a support system, but when that support system becomes nothing more than a toxic environment it’s time to cut your losses.  I belonged to several online parenting groups through social media. I won’t name names here, or go into specifics, but I subscribed to groups among others for: Religious Science-Minded Moms […]

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first birthday

How to: Baby’s Birthday on a Dime!

Congratulations! You have survived the first year of parenthood and now you get to celebrate. Keeping in mind that this is a party for you to enjoy, and not your baby, let me impart some tips and tricks to keep this party from going overboard. The Venue: If you have a summer baby, like I […]

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date night hopping

Date Night Ideas: Restaurant Hopping!

This year was our first having to plan an anniversary dinner around a baby. Meaning we needed something quick enough to get care and needed very little energy in executing. Enter our favorite date night, at my husband’s suggestion: restaurant hopping! Pick a course for as many restaurants as you want, it can be as […]

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